@Chevy Chase Elementary School
Spring 2024 Clubs
During registration, go to each listing for detailed information on dates and time.

Open Enrollment / Early Bird Registration

EAI offers open enrollment, with a specific registration start date. Club fees for the first four days of each registration period will feature discounted Early Bird pricing. We urge all parents to take advantage of early bird enrollment so minimum enrollment numbers can be met and accurate rosters can be distributed to instructors prior to club start dates. After the four-day Early Bird window, online club registration will remain available at normal non-discounted club prices.  

Club Cancellations and Make-Up Sessions

EAI will notify club students one hour ahead of club start time if severe weather will require an in person, outdoor club to be cancelled.  There is one rain day makeup on the schedule for each club.  If more than one severe weather day occurs, no refunds will be provided.

How Many Clubs Can My Child Sign up For?

Each child may sign up for as many clubs as he or she would like as long as they do not overlap. Students are registered in clubs on a first come, first served basis.  If your child’s first choice isn’t available this session, EAI will try to offer this same club in a future session.


In many situations, class enrollment determines our ability to offer a class and pay our instructors. Because of this, there will be no refunds issued after confirmation notes have been sent 

Financial Aid/Scholarship Fund

Families receiving lunch assistance during the school year may take one class per semester without charge.  To take more than one class without charge, please contact Mrs. Smith at (301) 657-4994.  Additionally, if you do not qualify for lunch assistance, but your financial situation prevents your child from registering, please contact Mrs. Smith.  All inquiries are confidential. 

Behavior Policy

Students are expected to:

¨  Follow cooperatively and politely all directions given by the instructor,

¨  Treat others with respect,

¨  Keep hands, feet, and objects to himself/herself,

¨  Be where he/she belongs at all times, and

¨  Take responsibility for his/her behavior

¨  Student must be present during the school day to participate in their after school club.

If a child is not willing or able to follow these expectations, the following consequences will result:

¨  1st time – Warning to student and parent;

¨  2nd time – Child will be asked to leave club. (There will be no refunds.)

     ¨ All physical altercations will result in immediate removal
      from the club

Parents are expected to:

¨  Pick up their children at club published dismissal time.

EAI reserves the right to prohibit a parent from registering their child for the after school clubs program if they do not follow the policies and procedures outlined above.

What if my child gets injured during a club?

Children will always be supervised, and we take precautions to prevent accidents from happening.  In the event of an accident, EAI will notify the parent(s).  Our staff is not authorized to provide medical care.  While Enrichment Academies does not provide medical care, the onsite Club Administrator will apply band-aids for minor cuts and bruises if they are available onsite.

Instructor Screening and Safety

EAI requires all instructors, coaches and club administrators — all adults who come into contact with students — to submit background checks and complete the MCPS mandated Child Neglect and Abuse training. Vendors must alert EAI if they are sending a substitute teacher or aide and EAI must have the substitute’s background check on file.

What are the Routes of the Activity Bus

An activity bus with limited stops within CCES home school enrollment boundaries will be available for after-school participants on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  A list of bus stops drop-off locations is listed below.  No activity bus is available on Monday, Wednesday or Friday, or for any class running past 4:40pm.  For walkers, please note:  No child may cross Connecticut Avenue without an adult.

The Activity Bus stops are:

¨   Brookville Rd @ Brookville Mkt

¨   Woolsey Drive @ Brookville Rd.

¨   Brooklawn Terrace @ Woodbine St.

¨   Greenvale St & Wyndale Lane

¨   Colston Dr @ Rock Creek Forest ES

¨   8508 16th Street

¨   1907 East-West Highway

¨   1900 Rosemary Hills Dr.

¨   Caufield Community Center

¨   Lynnbrook Dr & Highland Ave.

Activity Reports